Adam is an only child Adam's mother is Laurel Hall who is now the vessel of Madeline Templeton. Laurel Hall grew up in Spingsville and was best friends with Angelique Templeton until her body was taken over by Madeline and she became obsessed with finding the Ravens eye. When Laurel did find it she fled down with it. Angelique aka Madeline sent her to an other plane.Adam's Father is named Geroge Freeman

Adam might have a like Ann Templeton but both have denied it. Sally Wilcox has a crush on Adam

Adam attends Lizzie Borden High with Sally Wilcox, Watch Waverly and Ann Templeton.

Adam unlike his friends has never been turned into anything or been affected by a spell or curse that his friends needed to save him from accept for being possessed by a No-One which Sally saved him and Watch from.

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