Spoiler Alert, you have been warned!!! Note that this is only for the TV series and has little facts on the books.

Ann Templeton is a powerful witch and lives in a large house. Ann is one of is one of the many descents of the town witch Madeleine Templeton. Madeleine was meant to takeover Ann's body but Ann found a way around that by bringing Madeleine to world in the form of Adam's mother. Ann might have had a crush on Adam Freeman but this was never focused on much and both Ann and Adam have said this was not true, but they may have been lying. Ann is a enemy to Sally Wilcox and Sally claims that she hates her because she's a witch (though it might be because Adam may have a crush on Ann) and Sally would even steal the key to Shadowmire. Ann has never talked to Watch although she says to Adam that Watch is a freak. Ann has a mentor Moorpark who teaches her magic and fighting skills but she does not seem to like him however it is unknown why. Ann has many known predecessors, and all of these witches are female. They include the infamous Madeleine Templeton, Victoria Templeton, Octavia Templeton (both Victoria and Octavia have only been mentioned once) and Eliza Templeton who was the great grand daughter of Madeleine. Ann's mother is revealed to be Angelique Templeton and Ann hated her mother because she was controlled by Madeleine. Angelique was friends with Laurel Hall.


       In the book Ann is meant to be in her 30's and have 10 year old daughter who plays a major role. Her daughters name is Mireen Templeton. In the book she has no friends, and is either here to help or hurt Adam,Watch, and Sally. Ann's home/castle has no name and is not called Shadowmire like in the series.


*She is destined to become a powerful witch.

*She is known to Springville as the witch of the town.

*She enjoys eating scones as mentioned/shown in the TV series.

*If the surname Templeton were to live on Ann will need to have her husband take Templeton as the family name. Which is not normally what happens because number of the times the wife takes the husbands surname. Ann and her descents would have made the family take the wife's surname and make sure it stays as the family name.

*Her overall goal as the get the Ravens eye.


*Ann has a mentor Moorpark.

*Ann is very different in the TV series compared to the books.

*Ann's face is similar to Madeleine Templeton as Madeleine has a spell to inhabit all her female descents.

*Ann used to go to Lilith academy for young ladies. Lilith is a female demon in Jewish mythology also the Mother of magic. Ann now goes to Lizzie Borden High along with Adam, Sally and Watch.