The Dark Corner is the seventh novel in the Spooksville series. It includes the first mention and appearance of Bryce Poole, and it is the second of three adventures on the Secret Path.

"They just wanted to give it one more try. Bum has told Adam and his frriends about a place on the other side of the Secret Path that is supposed to be more fun than anything they have ever seen. Bum is so enthusiastic about the other dimension that Watch and Adam are willing to try the magical path once more, even though they know it is dangerous. Sally, of course, warns them that they'll all probably end up dead. As usual, they ignore Sally. They pass through the mysterious doorway. They have fun, at first. Then they learn that there are much worse things than dying."

It was published in 1996 by Pocket Books, a subdivision of Simon & Schuster Inc, under the A Ministrel Book division.


Brief SummaryEdit

Adam, Sally, Watch, and Cindy traverse the Secret Path again to find a missing kid, Bryce Poole. They enter a seemingly pleasant version of Spooksville until they meet their counterparts, who are truly demons in disguise and use the gang's hair to pass as human in the real Spooksville. Adam, Sally, and Watch must then wait for judgement to be handed down by the demonic Gatekeepers while Cindy must figure out what is wrong with her friends.

Complete SynopsisEdit

Adam, Sally, Watch, and Cindy are eating at the local bakery/coffee shop when Sally mentions the mysterious and daring Bryce Poole, another twelve year old who single-handedly embarks on more dangerous and exciting adventures than the gang's. When Watch and Adam question his legitimacy as a hero, considering that he did not come to their aid during their previous, life-threatening adventures, Sally claims that he is busy working to stop "the interdimensional flow of negativity so that it doesn't seep into out reality". After Adam suggests that Bryce probably doesn't even know what the Secret Path is, Sally insists that they track him down and find him themselves.

They go to the cemetery to visit Madeline Templeton's grave, the entrance to the Secret Path, and find a green satchel of supplies that Sally claims belongs to Bryce. Adam and Watch are wary about using the Secret path due to the nightmarish version of Spooksville they encountered last time, but Sally insists. She reveals that Bryce has been missing for a week, and though she believes he is strong and capable, she is still worried about him. The gang agrees, reluctantly, to take the path in an attempt to find Bryce. Cindy decides at the last minute, after the group has visited all key points prior to entering the Secret Path, that she will stay behind in case Bryce returns, and she gives them Bryce's tools in case they need them.

After entering the path through the tombstone, the gang realizes that they are in a heavenly version of Spooksville, very different from both the regular Spooksville and the alternate Spooksville they visited before. Upon finding Bryce's initials on the tombstone, they decide to search this Spooksville for him. They find counterparts of people, such as Ann Templeton, and landmarks, such as Fred's Fat Food, that seem vastly nicer and more innocent. When they explain to a local that they are looking for Bryce, he says simply that they should find their counterpart selves in this Spooksville, and that everything will become clear if they do. Adam and Watch are suspicious of the man's vague answers to their questions, but Sally feels safe in the alternate Spooksville and is excited to meet herself.

The man suggested they go to Adam's house to find their counterparts, and upon seeing them, they realize that their counterparts are actually demons in disguise. The gang is tied up as Spooksville transforms into a different but familiar, hellish version. The demons explain that the facade is put on to trick humans who enter the Dark Corner and that they will be judged before the "Gatekeepers". In the meantime, they steal locks of Adam, Sally, and Watch's hair and eat them, so that they can maintain their forms in the regular version of Spooksville.

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