The Little People is the eighth novel in the Spooksville series.

"Spooksville had another bunch of weird visitors. Are there fairies and gnomes? Leprechauns and elves? Most people, including Adam, would have said no. But one day a whole herd of magical creatures invades Spooksville. At first they play childish pranks, and Adam and his friends are happy to welcome them. But quickly the pranks turn cruel, and Adam, Sally, Watch, and Cindy are soon fighting for their lives. Where did these little people come from? How can Adam and his pals make them go away?


Adam, Sally, Watch, and Cindy are enjoying a harmless picnic together in a meadow in the nearby woods when Cindy's chocolate cake, baked especially for the event, is snatched by a small green creature that they assume is a leprechaun.